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BEFL Rules & Regulations

Rules & Regulations

Updated: 12.16.12

The BEFL (Ballers Elite Fantasy League) was founded in 2000.  The league format is head to head, utilizing a points (avg) scoring system. A majority of the owners in the league are 3+ year veterans, and each new prospect is carefully hand selected.

League Requirements
-$25 (non-refundable) entry fee, which covers for the league website and league prizes.
-Must be active league member, check league website for trade proposals & sign free agents.
-Abide by all league rules posted below.

Rosters & Positions
Roster Format: 3-Forwards, 3-Guards, 1-Center, 3-Bench, 1-IR (for keeper players).
Reserve Players:  Bench players do not contribute to the score and are only there to sub out as needed.
Injured Reserve:  An IR spot has been designated to protect 1 injured player. As soon as the player is back in action, the player must be elevated to reserve or active status.
Player Positions:  The Commissioner will submit a list of players and their eligible positions before the draft. In some cases, it may be difficult to agree upon a position for a particular player. We use as a guide to help decide player positions.'s positions are updated throughout the year, and may change from game to game, but the list will always remain unchanged. If a certain player is listed on or the Commissioner's as a certain position, the player is eligible to start at the position. Rule of thumb: If you draft a certain player with a certain position status, by default he is still eligable at that position for the season.
Lineup deadline: Lineups MUST be set before the first game that tips off on Wednesday of every week. In most cases, games begin 4pm PST / 7 pm EST, but there is always the chance a game may be scheduled at a different time. There will be a cut off time that GMs are allowed to make lineup changes on Wednesdays. If any case if you cannot edit your lineup, please the commissioner.

Injury Insurance Rule (Guidelines):
-GMs will be eligible to sub in a bench player for an injured/suspended player during the week.
-By default, if a player is out for the week, they will be subbed in for the bench player with the highest season FPT avg.
-The starting player to be subbed out must have logged 0 minutes for the week.
-Free agent pickups after the period begins are not eligible as subs.
-Players on IR are eligable as a substitute only if another player is already on IR, and the player is highest FPT avg on the bench.
-Substitutes will be processed manually by the commissioner.

Draft & Free Agency

Auction Draft:
-Draft order will be determined randomly, and there is no real advantage of having the 1st pick.
-Each GM is alloted $150 to draft 10 players (no less, no more).
-Draft order will be such as a snake draft...1-12, 12-1, and so on.
-GMs have 30 seconds to nominate any player for auction.
-If no player is selected within the time limit, the system will automatically nominate the highest ranked player for auction.
-When a player is nominated, the default-opening bid is $1.
-This amount can be increased by the nominating GM before submitting.
-The auction clock will count down from 30 seconds.
-Any bids made within 10 seconds remaining will reset the clock to 10 seconds.
-The player is awarded to the GM with the highest bid when the auction clock counts down to zero.
-During an auction, GMs can automatically bid $1 more than the current high or by manually entering a dollar amount.
-GMs can bid up to a dollar amount that allows them at least $1 for any of the remaining roster slots. If a GM has 5 players with $50 remaining, the max bid for player #6 is $46 (leaving at least $1 for each open roster spot to bid).
-The object is to spend as much $ without running out. There is NO advantage to holding on to money after the draft.

Free Agents: Free agency begins after the player draft, and as soon as all players have been populated in teams on The commissioner sets the initial waiver list and it may take up to 3 days for players to clear to be signed.
Waiver Wire: The initial waiver order will be decided by the reverse order of the draft. GMs' requests to add players on waivers to their roster are not executed immediately, but are put in a pending status for 24 hours. This allows time for all GMs to be aware of a recent player drop. If multiple GMs attempt to pick up the same player, the GM highest on the waiver list will be awarded the player. That GM also goes to the bottom of the waiver list.
Free Agent Signing Restriction:
The system allows GMs to have a fair shot at landing free agents by limiting the waiver wire to run for 2 days. The following are the guidelines to the new system:

-All free agents go on waivers beginning Wednesday 7pm (as soon as the BEFL week begins).
-Waivers will run until Tue 1am, at which free agents may be signed until Wed 7pm.
-GMs may queue up players to sign during the week, but player signings will not be processed until Tue 12am.
-The waiver priority does not reset after each week.
Keeper League Guidelines:
-Each returning GM must select (no less or more) 2 players to retain from their previous season roster.
-No keeper may reside on the same team more than 3 consecutive seasons.

League Transactions
Trading Policy:  All trades are subject to league vote.

Scoring & Schedule
Points System: Scoring System: PT=1, DREB=1, OREB=1.5, AST=2, STL=2, BLK=2, TO=-2, Triple Double=5
Scoring: Fantasy points for each starting player (7) within a week are added up and totaled.  GM with the higher total wins the matchup for the week.
Schedule:  The season consists of 20 games, duration of one week per game.  GMs will play each other in a head-to-head style schedule which is randomly created.  Each GM will play 2-3 Conference games & 1 Inter-Conference game.  Each week begins on Wednesday and ends on Tuesday.
Playoffs: 6 teams (3 from each conference) advance to the playoffs. Playoffs consist of 3 rounds, with the top 3 records in each conference advancing. The playoffs are one game elimination tournament style. Seeds are decided purely by record.
Standings Tie-Breakers: 1) Head to head record 2) Conference record 3) Division record 4) Total Pts.

League Etiquette
Conduct: No drama queens please, thanks.
Cheating: We try to give every GM the benefit of the doubt, but if you're caught cheating you'll face an appropriate penalty. Cheating is defined in this league by knowingly breaking a rule. If you break a rule through ignorance, you probably won't face a penalty.
Participation: Keep track of your team, it's that simple.  If you take about 30 minutes once a week to set your lineup, add/drop players and respond to any trade proposals, you're doing your part.  If we feel that you are not participating in the league, we will most likely find a replacement for you.  GMs who don’t do as well will be expected to make more moves.  Note that the most successful GMs are the ones that devote more time towards their team. 

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